goodbye summer, hello autumn!


days are getting shorter, nights chilly (true, days as well) … yes! we are entering autumn! welcome all!

with the downside of cold weather, autumn opens the way to heartier dishes and markets currently spill over with loads of good produce. so I decided to create a menu that lets you enjoy the sun in the food, calls some summer memories and also opens up your taste buds for the new season.

goodbye summer, hello autumn! @ Encontro dos Sabores, September 26th

the menu

late-summer panzanella

jerusalem artichoke (topinambur) & apple soup

a last day at the beach (with clams, fish, cauliflower) Vegi/ red onion tarte

pear, walnut, cheese

plums, rosemary

pear, redwine & chocolate


please let me know within the next 5 days if you would like to join and don’t forget to mention any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you. as usual, the evening starts around 6.30 pm. price: CHF 75 with & 65 without alcohol. please mention your preference!
I look very much forward to seeing you (again)!

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