What is Encontro dos Sabores?
Encontro dos Sabores is a Supper- Club and regular get together of people who share passion for food and a certain curiosity as much as they enjoy good company.

How can I become member of Encontro dos Sabores?
By sending an email to diningoutathome@gmail.com and introducing yourself in a few words you will apply to become a member for the announced dinner round.

How often do you meet?
Normally on a monthly basis.

Does it cost something?
As much as I enjoy cooking, I cannot afford to invite a group of people for a 4 or 5 course dinner on a regular basis. So yes, guests do carry costs of their dinner by paying a membership fee. Once you sign up for a dinner round and are selected, you will pay cash on the evening. The membership terminates with the end of the dinner round.

Where does it take place?
Usually in a private home, maybe changing locations, in and around Zurich. Place and time will be communicated to participants of each respective dinner round a day in advance.

How many people participate in Encontro dos Sabores dinner rounds?
Usually about 6-8. Dinner rounds are organized as blind dates, so you get to know your company on the respective evening.

What does a typical dinner look like?
There is no typical dinner. I constantly get inspired to try out new creations. Dinner rounds carry a motto though and the menu will be designed according to the motto, which can be vegetarian, with meat or fish, a seasonal or regional specialty menu or follow any other specific idea.There are normally between 3 and 5 courses.

What ingredients do you use?
Seasonal and regional ingredients are my favorites. Organic and fairtrade products come into play whenever possible.

Is it binding if I sign up for a dinner round? What if I need to cancel?
Since the dinner is prepared for an exclusive round of people only, your registration is binding as I cannot sell the food publicly. I therefore trust your response. If you still face the need to cancel, please let me know 2 days before the dinner, so I can either invite another person or adjust the quantity of food bought and prepared. Thank you!