Death by Chocolate ’16

asking Wikipedia, “tradition is a behavior (or belief) passed down within a group or society with a symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past”. Chocolate Encontros have formed a certain tradition as this will be the fourth one and thus the only theme that made it to the table this often in the 4 years that Encontro dos Sabores exists!!

When? Friday, December 16th.  As usual, doors will open at 6.30 for a relaxing arrival.
What? A typical menu @ EdS comprises 5 to 6 courses all touching chocolate in one way or the other, containing fish and/or meat. If you wish a vegetarian menu, please let me know when registering.
Please let me know if you have any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you.
CHF 75 with, 65 without alcohol. Please mention your choice when RSVP-ing.
I look forward to hearing back from you and will confirm your seat as soon as possible.
Have a lovely start into the week,

The Great British Menu

Welcome back! Yes, Encontro dos Sabores is still alive. Incredible how time flies.. Once you sit down and think when the last dinner took place it is shocking, but hey, we just took a really long summer break … And what a summer we have!! Still enjoying it to the MAX

Are you curious what’s gonna be on the plate? Read the title carefully again 🙂

I know what you think, British? Great? So, as some of you know I went to a cookery school earlier this year,  in England. ENGLAND? COOKERY SCHOOL? I swear, everyone said that when I talk(ed) about it. If you dare, join the next Encontro and find out what I learned. England is often misunderstood when it comes to food. Having visited only very few places to date, I know only tiny bits.  Every region, county, city…. they all have their local specialities and they are absolutely swamped with great, local, fresh produce, from the land or the sea. And of course, some are really wierd and I wouldn’t dare to try either. For sure!

But back to the title; The Great British Menu. I am addicted with that show on BBC (besides Masterchef), every year they have this country-wide competition for a special banquet dinner and it just felt like the right name for the revamp of the Encontro series. I will single out a few of the wonderful recipes we cooked in Ashburton at the cookery school and follow the Great British Menu tradition of a starter, a fish course, a main and a dessert. But as you know, Encontro’s courses can be manyfold, a dessert is not necessarily just A dessert…

As we are moving from summer to autumn, the season will determine the products on the plate. Thursday October 1st – 6 seats are there to be given! Let me know within the next few days if you would like to join and soon I’ll reconfirm.

as always, announce food allergies or any intolerance when reserving your seat so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you! CHF 75 with & 65 without alcohol.

I am happy to be “back” again and look forward to welcoming you at the table!

Have a lovely weekend,


Back to the roots

With a Brazilian name and lots of Brazilian music we listened to over the past few years, it still took almost 3 years to realize the first Brazilian Dinner @ Encontro dos Sabores! Don’t ask me why? But it was a success, I dare to say. We enjoyed Caipirinhas and beautiful sunny weather to kick-off the evening, nothing more to be wished for. If you want to check out what came on the plate, see pcitures here!

I am back in the kitchen now – or at least my brain is – to work on the next supper. Stay tuned for the invitation. As we are off to enjoy some holiday as well, it won’t be before June/ July though. Happy Springtime!

Save the date: Brazilian Night @ Encontro dos Sabores

Dear all!
Welcome to a very LATE but culinary exciting Encontro year 2015. It is officially starting today 😉
January and February have been very busy on my side and so will be March. I am just back from two wonderful weeks in Brazil before jumping off for a cookery school in the UK next weekend, followed by business trips to India and Indonesia. Besides all the excitement of work and travel, I do miss the Encontro’s!! Do you? But, any trip I do is always a kind of market research and hence, in between Carnival and beaches I invested my resources in the discovery of brazilian cuisine to prepare for the BRAZILIAN NIGHT @ Encontro dos Sabores. Check your agendas and reserve your seat for April 24th, the Encontro’s 2015 opening menu!!
Here is the current layout, slight changes reserved for as a result of test-cooking and/ or availability of products.
pao de queijo, caldo de feijao, escondidinho de bacalhau
(cheese , beans, yuca, codfish)
tapicoa salgada
(yuca, cheese, meat or shrimp)
peixe tropical
(fish, macadamia, cashew, banana, passionfruit, rice)
doce mineira
(cheese, guave)
carpaccio de banana, brigadeiro, beijinho
(banana, coconut, chocolate)
If you want to join, please do let me know by responding to this email within the next couple of days. A vegetarian option is possible as usual, please do announce your preference when registering. Do note any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you!
CHF 75 with alcohol, 65 without. Please mention your choice when RSVP-ing

I look forward to welcoming you (again).


goodbye summer, hello autumn!


days are getting shorter, nights chilly (true, days as well) … yes! we are entering autumn! welcome all!

with the downside of cold weather, autumn opens the way to heartier dishes and markets currently spill over with loads of good produce. so I decided to create a menu that lets you enjoy the sun in the food, calls some summer memories and also opens up your taste buds for the new season.

goodbye summer, hello autumn! @ Encontro dos Sabores, September 26th

the menu

late-summer panzanella

jerusalem artichoke (topinambur) & apple soup

a last day at the beach (with clams, fish, cauliflower) Vegi/ red onion tarte

pear, walnut, cheese

plums, rosemary

pear, redwine & chocolate


please let me know within the next 5 days if you would like to join and don’t forget to mention any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you. as usual, the evening starts around 6.30 pm. price: CHF 75 with & 65 without alcohol. please mention your preference!
I look very much forward to seeing you (again)!