Welcome back! – table complete –

Dear all after rather early summer holidays Encontro dos Sabores is back!! During 3 weeks in bella Italia I came across a number of fantastic flavours which I’d love to share with you. Are you ready for a life after the Worldcup? Then join the next Encontro dos Sabores

LA DOLCE VITA on Wednesday July 16th

amouse bouche – fagioli cannellini, arancia, cacao

antipasti sorpresa

primi – ricotta, spinaci, sugo di pomodore

secondi – melanzane, caperi, pomodori, olive, pesce

formaggio di capri, pomodore, albicocche

dolci – panna, frutta


Book your seat by responding within the next 3 days and don’t forget to mention if you have any allergy or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you. Though seats are usually counted, spread the word and share Encontro dos Sabores with your friends if you think they’ll love it. As usual, the evening starts with an apéro from 6.30 pm onwards. CHF 65 without & 75 with alcohol.   I am looking forward to welcoming you, Nancy  


Not really guys, but I am currently travelling too much to be able to prepare for the next supper. Both is nice, I love the Encontro’s and start to miss them but I am having a good time too…Stay tuned, there will be a date announcement soon for July- the next Encontro. And I promise it will be a no-game night, wouldn’t dare to spoil your Worldcup Fever, he?!


see you soon, hopefully!





Holiday Season @ Encontro dos Sabores

Dear Foodies!

Thank you all for a fantastic culinary 2013 –  it has been a REAL pleasure having you at my table! I look forward seeing you back in 2014.

And here is the Encontro dos Sabores X-MAS Present: make YOUR dinner- wishlist and send me up to 3 proposal(s) for culinary topics. If any of your proposal becomes reality you gain a free dinner!

Merry X-MAS and a Happy New Year,


Monday Blues…

Dear all

as a matter of habit I’ve never been sending invitations for a following supper before the previous one was over. I am going to break this unwritten rule now! Even though we are already half way through the usual grey and coldish November, it might still help sending a little motivation and gleam of hope into this Monday.

Those confirmed for tomorrow’s CARAMEL SPLURGE may not scream out for another rather special dinner immediately, or at least before knowing how tasty it can be…, but I know a couple of souls out there that are only waiting for this email to be sent 🙂
December 6 – yeah, we will die for chocolate one more time!!!
-Surprise Menu
Time is running, so please let me know before the weekend (Friday 22.11. Noon) if you’d like to join and I tell you straightaway if a seat has been confirmed.
The dinner will be meaty/ fishy but if you prefer a vegetarian version, I am ready to take on the challenge. Please also don’t forget to tell me about any allergy or intolerance so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you.
And even though available seats are usually counted, spread the word and share Encontro dos Sabores with your friends, if you think they’d love it.

I look forward to hearing back from you,


Edible Mail

pamk logoYesterday at the Autumn Dinner I served as amouse bouche Edible Soil which reminds we that I wanted to share with you the latest food discovery I made:  Post aus meiner Küche,  “mailing from my kitchen” in english. They announce a topic a few times a year and call foodlovers to register for a culinary exchange. Such a cool idea!!! I immediately fell in love with it and was longing for the new topic since weeks. Now I am curiously waiting to know who will be my mailing counterparty to send culinary greetings to. If you like experimenting in your kitchen as well, register and who knows, we might end up sending us something delicious! Registering is open until Nov. 6