A Chocolate Treat – December 6

I am happy to announce the next supper night @ Encontro dos Sabores on December 6, starting 6.30pm.

7 seats are available to join us for A Chocolate Treat

I am still trying out the recipes and finalizing the menu, but if you like the following ingredients I am sure you’ll enjoy the menu: chocolate, blue cheese, mushrooms, pork or veal meat, peanuts, cashews… just to name a few. Vegi version should be possible, please let me know if you are absolute vegi and would love to join this dinner.

Ready to be surprised? Then RSVP until November 24!

I will then shortly confirm back if a seat has been reserved for you. Please don’t forget to announce any allergy or intolerance. I will make sure you only eat what is good for you!

If you enjoyed the last dinner @ Encontro dos Sabores and would like to recommend it to a friend, please do so!

Looking forward to welcoming you soon,
cheers Nancy


2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Treat – December 6

  1. The dinner was A M A Z I N G !!! One positive surprise after the other. I cannot decide which was my favorite… Tudo delicioso!!!!!

  2. Very obvious that I missed something.. The pictures are absolutely amazing! WOW
    And the chocolate cake with the liquid inside… I’m impressed!

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