Savoury Autumn – Supper N° 3

Hi there and welcome back! I am enjoying my autumn break and couldn’t have timed it any better to create the next menu. Inspired by the savoury tomato festival I decided to go for another vegetarian menu in October. Typical Autumn dishes are out now wherever you look and if you fancy them, Encontro dos Sabores would likely disappoint you. But certainly not if you are open to experience new flavors and combinations. That’s my task; you are simply invited to enjoy the following dinner:

1. discover       

Selected Carpaccio- Trio: beet, radish & pumpkin

2. dine

Pumpkin Soup  –   Mashed potato & stuffed cabbage roll

3. inDulge       

Sweet potato soufflé   –   Zabaglione with fruits of the season

RSVP until October 9, 6 pm. Your confirmation will be sent by October 12.  If you enjoyed the last dinner @ Encontro dos Sabores and would like to recommend it to a friend, please do so!


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