Save the date: Brazilian Night @ Encontro dos Sabores

Dear all!
Welcome to a very LATE but culinary exciting Encontro year 2015. It is officially starting today 😉
January and February have been very busy on my side and so will be March. I am just back from two wonderful weeks in Brazil before jumping off for a cookery school in the UK next weekend, followed by business trips to India and Indonesia. Besides all the excitement of work and travel, I do miss the Encontro’s!! Do you? But, any trip I do is always a kind of market research and hence, in between Carnival and beaches I invested my resources in the discovery of brazilian cuisine to prepare for the BRAZILIAN NIGHT @ Encontro dos Sabores. Check your agendas and reserve your seat for April 24th, the Encontro’s 2015 opening menu!!
Here is the current layout, slight changes reserved for as a result of test-cooking and/ or availability of products.
pao de queijo, caldo de feijao, escondidinho de bacalhau
(cheese , beans, yuca, codfish)
tapicoa salgada
(yuca, cheese, meat or shrimp)
peixe tropical
(fish, macadamia, cashew, banana, passionfruit, rice)
doce mineira
(cheese, guave)
carpaccio de banana, brigadeiro, beijinho
(banana, coconut, chocolate)
If you want to join, please do let me know by responding to this email within the next couple of days. A vegetarian option is possible as usual, please do announce your preference when registering. Do note any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you!
CHF 75 with alcohol, 65 without. Please mention your choice when RSVP-ing

I look forward to welcoming you (again).


Edible Domino!!! – Merry Christmas

…yes…. my culinary greetings reached my swap partner and now I can finally release what I packed for her! A simple cookie turning into an edible board game 😉 I used a butter cookie recipe, in German ‘Heidesand’, added grated tonka bean and separated part of the dough to add cocoa powder. You could also do it with any other coloring agent, or matcha tea powder. Have fun in the kitchen!

in the makingSpielregeln heidesand domino


Chocolate is the answer! …

Dear all

my culinary year ended with the third edition of the Encontro dos Sabores chocolate dinner, which put a focus on specialty chocolates from around the world. Check out pictures here if you’re interested and why not try your own chocolate tasting over the holidays with friends and/or family?! I called it 225% – a tasting of three different 75% chocolate bars. Incredible how different they all taste!

Degustation platte und karte mit text bitte

I have also been very happy to see that the kitchen exchange “POST aus meiner KĂźche” was happening again and am curiously awaiting my swap partners feedback before finally posting pictures and information on my culinary X-Mas greetings … stay tuned and who knows, you’ll find a last minute idea for a present from your kitchen?!

pamk logo

And whilst we will all enjoy the holidays with friends and families, I won’t be too far from the kitchen 😉 a passion is a passion….

I look forward to welcoming you again at the Encontro table in 2015. Thank you very much for sharing many special moments in 2014!

I wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Death by Chocolate ’14 @ EdS

Hi all

it kind of became a tradition already to close the Encontro year with a real treat … a chocolate dinner … so YES here it is, for all the chocoholics asking me when it will happen??

Death by

chocolateThursday, December 18th – as usual doors open at 18.30 for a relaxing arrival.

Please let me know within the coming few days if you would like to join and I will soon confirm back to you. Do note any allergies or intolerance, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you!

CHF 75 with alcohol, 65 without. Please mention your choice when RSVP.

I look forward to welcoming you (again).

sunny regards from busy Mumbai, Nancy

cheers! @ Encontro dos Sabores

Dear all,

welcome back for the next culinary adventure @ Encontro dos Sabores on November 20th. From grain to BEER! This has been an idea since the very beginning but somehow the months calling for warm and hearty food went by with loads of ideas already piled up that it had to wait until now. Also, the brewer in the house needed a couple of test runs and it now means that we’ll be able to taste some of our homebrew, which wouldn’t have been possible two years back!!

What will be on the menu? Beer obviously, in a number of variations. You’ll have the chance to try different beer accompanying the food. Please let me know within the next 3 days if you would like to join. I will re-confirm your participation before the weekend. As usual, the evening starts with a relaxing arrival at around 6.30 pm.

Price for the dinner: 75 CHF. No non-alc option this time, obviously but vegetarians can easier be catered for though, please announce when registering. Should you have any intolerance or food allergy, do let me know, so I can make sure you only eat what is good for you!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

PS: Encontro dos Sabores NOW also on facebook. Connect and never miss out on news or upcoming events!