One week to go

August 15.2012
Honestly, I am getting a bit nervous. Starting to think about the decoration of the table, if the group of guests will fit well and of course, if the food will come out as it should. I am still working on the dessert. We’ve just recently got the icecream maker and our satisfaction rate of icecreams is at 70% now. Will continue trying it out, the hot weather certainly helps!
Thats probably all normal and it also feels good being nervous. I am looking forward to welcoming you next Tuesday.
Here’s the dinner menu:
1. Frischekick:
Variation of Gazpachos and Iced Guacamole with Tomato Salad
2. Fisch vom Grill
Whole grilled Fish filled with Lemon & Herbs, accompanied by fresh Green from the market
3. Fruchtig frischer Abgang
CremeTrio with Fruits of the Season

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